In addition to music, STEPHEN LEE also writes prose.

Your Friend Called to Cancel the Plans You Already Forgot About received an honorable mention from NPR's Ads for Nicer Living.

Space Camp, coauthored with Kitty Jones was produced by The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, in Chicago. Listen to the live performance HERE!


Some of Lee's recent works include:

Familiar Magic - An amatuer gardener dabbles in the occult to rid himself of a pesky squirrel in this 10 minute Stage Play.

Mild Mannered Robot - A mild mannered robot mistakenly gets wrapped up in a revolution while seeking the meaning of his strange dreams in this One Hour Screen Play.  

Memo (Beep Beep) - An amateur investigative journalist gets in over her head when she lands a temp job for a mysterious corporation in this found-footage style Radio Play.  

The Bunny Man  - Three ghost-hunting college age kids seek out a legendary local landmark and find a supernatural final exam that  will changes their lives in this One Act Stage Play



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