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Stephen Lee

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West of Twenty-Three Press Release

Stephen Lee is a Punk-Country, Alt. Country songwriter/performer currently based out of Centreville, VA. With the release of his 2013 self-titled “Stephen Lee” EP, Lee began playing out and traveling regionally as a solo act. He works extensively in the Mid-Atlantic and eastern Mid-Western markets performing over 100 concerts annually. Stephen Lee has recorded four EPs (The First Three, collectively re-released), and a full length album, West of Twenty-Three, (Nov 2015). The album and most-recent EP were recorded and released in partnership with Baltimore’s OKAY Recordings.

West of Twenty-Three was recorded live, with overdubs, at the art collective Reverb Lounge, in Baltimore's Lower Charles Village, during a brief break between tours. Timm Winslow, of the label, engineered the recording, while a troupe of session players including Jon Patton (Midway Fair), Kerra Holtgren (Voodoo Pharmacology) and Sara Stepanik (The ShamRogues) tracked diverse arrangements ranging from the punching kick drum and urgently tempo’ed “One More,” to the metered and building “Jet Lag Blues.” This is an album that explores evolving genres and progressive sounds but doesn’t shy away from its exposed roots. READ REVIEWS